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Wallpaper Removal Services

AllPro Professional Painting is a trusted resource for efficient, yet gentle, wallpaper removal. Using delicate and careful tactics, we will strip away the wallpaper without damaging the drywall underneath. After over 30 years in the home improvement industry, our team has developed thorough guidelines for wallpaper removal with proven success.

Our Wallpaper Removal Process

Interior design trends are fleeting and constantly changing as time goes on. Homeowners in the 1970s favored vibrant orange and brown patterned wallpaper, while modern consumers gravitate towards minimalist styles and paint their walls in solid neutrals. If you want to shake up the design of your home, wallpaper removal is the first step.

Before we start the wallpaper removal process, our team will need background information on its initial installation. Was this wallpaper installed by a professional? If so, was it sized? Next, we use DIF Liquid Concentrate wallpaper stripper to remove the wallpaper from your walls delicately. This enzyme-based product is applied with a roller or sponge and effortlessly breaks down wallpaper paste. If you’re prepping the walls for painting after the wallpaper is removed, we will sand down the surface to create a smooth layer for paint application. It’s important to note that if any wall damage is unveiled, repair work will be an additional charge.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional

Wallpaper removal is a complex, delicate process that requires expert assistance. There are many risks associated with DIY wallpaper removal. Tackling it alone is time-consuming and could even result in damage to your walls. Enlist help from our professional team to guarantee the best results in the shortest amount of time. We’ll save you the hassle of post-project clean-up and give you peace of mind that your project is handled by an expert that knows what they’re doing. Hiring a professional will set you up for success!

AllPro Professional Painting offers a wide variety of home improvement services, ranging from interior painting to handyman services, that upgrade your home. Our team has earned a credible reputation for lasting results and considerate customer service. We’re the best choice for your next project and have the versatility to complete any task! Contact us today to learn more.