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Two-Year Limited Warranty

AllPro Professional Painting, Inc will warranty for 24 months against peeling, chipping or blistering paint or stain, which is the result of poor or improper workmanship. We will repair failed areas by preparing the surface same as stated in the proposal agreement and touch-up paint same as stated in proposal agreement. We will repair failed areas only where peeling, chipping or blistering present and failed areas at no labor or material cost to the customer. Paint color and sheen will not be exact match in some area of touch-up due to possible fading.

This is NON-TRANSFERABLE and applies only to the original owner/tenant listed for as long as he/she remains in possession of the premises during the guarantee period. This guarantee becomes invalid if a product and/or procedure other than one that we recommend for the project is used. AllPro Professional Painting, Inc. is committed only to quality service, application procedures and products.